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You’re a fast-growing business and need visibility into your future. We are the trusted resource to navigate the complexities of your business.

Meet your CPA,

Ready To Help You Make The Climb.

Christine Trumbull, founder of Pinnacle CFO Services. With 28 years of financial experience, she works hand in hand with owners and their team to ensure they have a clear plan for their future.

CFO Advisory

We learn about your business objectives and customize a scalable solution and solve for ongoing and one-time project demands with a plan that fits your business.

Your needs are evolving as your business reaches new heights. Cashflows, key performance indicators, and financial growth strategy are necessities. As your CFO, we deliver the knowledge and tools to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Scale your business

Financial projections and budgets
We help you build your business and prepare for the future with financial reports, forecasts, and budgets. We’ll assess your business and build custom financial strategies to improve profitability, minimize expenses, and strengthen your growth overall.

Through forward thinking advisory and business coaching, we structure cash flow optimization, budgets, forecasts, and financial roadmaps.

  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Employee expenses and headcount planning
  • Annual and monthly budgets
  • Build custom financial strategies

Some of the services we offer:

Pricing Starts at $1,500/month

  • Review your financial health and processes
  • Maintain and enhance operating budget & financial forecast
  • Support vendor contract review & negotiations
  • Pricing strategies

Ongoing CFO support, dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month can:

Full strategic finance support as a monthly engagement

  • Systems Strategy and Design
  • Conduct strategic analyses and provide recommendations for sales efficiency, retention, benchmarking and more
  • Annual Budgeting & Forecasting

Are you ready to soar?

As your Fractional CFO, we deliver the strategic insight needed to accelerate and scale your growth. Expert advice and data-driven strategy drives fact- based decision making for scalable growth!

I now have a $10,000/month client for the first time...

Hope Horwitz

Working with Christine has changed the course my business is on for the better. I hit paydirt with Christine! Not only do I now have a $10,000/month client for the first time in firm history, I have a solid strategy to keep them coming in! Christine is a true partner and genuinely cares about the people and businesses she works with. I couldn’t be more thrilled that I found her!


She helped my organization gain new clarity...


"Christine is absolutely amazing. She helped my organization gain new clarity in where we wanted to go, how to get there and guided us every step of the way."

She keeps you focused on growing your business.


Christine helped my business become more organized, fine tuned internal processes, and built a marketing plan. My time with Christine has sparked a joy for my business that had faded. She keeps you focused on the big picture and moving forward while growing your business. I highly recommend Christine to any business owner needing to take the “next step” in his or her business development.


... inspires people to be the best version of themselves.


"Christine is the type of leader who picks someone up when they are down and inspires people to be a better version of themselves. From my own experience, I also know she is a dependable and caring mentor who is always willing to share her wisdom and knowledge.

Online Bookkeeping

Take your time back and partner with professional bookkeepers. Build your business with organized and accurate books – reconciled weekly. You deserve 24/7 financial visibility!

  • Monthly statements delivered on time.
  • Get on-time reports for your business each month.
  • Monthly balance sheet
  • Monthly profit and loss statement
  • Any additional reports necessary to your industy
  • Easily access your reports from our mobile app or desktop portal

Data on your business financial health.
We digitally reconcile your expenses weekly or monthly, depending on your chosen plan, and provide you with financial reports so you have clear visibility of your business’s financial health.

  • Monthly profit and revenue trend graphs
  • Top Expenses – an interactive dashboard
  • Mobile app access to your financials
  • All-in-one online bookkeeping and tax solution.

We provide year-round planning and tax consultation to all our clients.

  • Tax consulting and advising
  • Filing state and federal tax returns (tax preparation provided by CPA and EA partnered firms that best fit your needs)
  • Annual tax planning

We deliver monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow reports, as well as any other reports you may request, that offer insight into your company’s financial health and enable you to make informed decisions. Each report is peer reviewed to ensure accuracy. You also receive a video review of your financial statements with recommendations and insights. In short, your books are always tax-ready and up to date.

3. Accurate books

Communicate directly with is through our user-friendly portal, where you can ask questions and provide feedback on any outstanding items needed to finalize your books every month.

2. Streamlined communication

As your dedicated team, we learn your business and connect to your financial data sources, ensuring a tailored approach to your bookkeeping needs and setting the stage for accurate books.

1. Personalized onboarding

How it works

Need help with catch up bookkeeping services? You’re not alone. 25% of business owners are behind on their books. Whether you’re behind a few months or a few years, we will bring your financials up to date so you can worry less about the past and spend more time thinking about the future.

Catch Up Bookkeeping for Small Business. Don’t get behind on your books!